Contract of public offer on provision of services

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Договір публічної оферти про надання послуг

Contract of public offer on provision of services

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "SUMMIT FO SERVICES" (hereinafter the "Executor"), duly registered in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (legal entity identification code 41514621), location: 03058, m. Kyiv, str. Lebedeva-Kumacha, 7-B, quarter 88, in the person of Director Al-Dababseh Islam Mohammad, who acts on the basis of the Charter, guided by Art. 633,641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, offers an unlimited number of natural persons to enter into an Agreement for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") under the following conditions:



Services - medical services defined by the License for medical practice issued to the Contractor and other services provided by the Contractor in the order and under the conditions specified in this Agreement according to the List of services posted on the Contractor's Website and in the consumer's corner, and as well as in other places provided for by law (hereinafter - List of services).

Public offer - the Contractor's offer (posted on the Contractor's Website), addressed to an unlimited number of natural persons to enter into this Agreement under specified conditions.

The Contractor's website is a web page on the Internet at, which is the official source of informing Patients/Representatives about the Contractor and the Services provided by him.

Acceptance - full, unconditional and unconditional acceptance by the Patient/Representative of the terms of the Public Offer in the form of this Agreement. Acceptance is carried out by paying for the Services of the Contractor or by filling out, signing and handing the Patient/Representative a written Questionnaire to the Contractor, a copy of which is located directly at the Contractor's location.


Patient (you) – natural person(s), for whom the provision of Services has been ordered from the Contractor under this Agreement and who has accepted the Public Offer of the Contractor set forth in this Agreement.

Representative* - a natural person who acts on behalf and in the interests of the Patient on the basis of the Law or by virtue of an agreement with the Patient, Accepted the Public Offer of the Contractor set out in this Agreement and ordered Services for the Patient.



This Agreement is a public agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), which is considered concluded between the Contractor, on the one hand, and the Patient, on the other, from the moment of Acceptance by the latter of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

According to the procedure and under the conditions specified in this Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to provide the Services to the Patient, and the Patient undertakes to accept them.

Services are provided on the basis of this Agreement. Actions that indicate agreement to comply with the terms of this Agreement are the Patient's Acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

The Contractor can provide Services using the Internet, telephone and/or computer network.

The place of provision of Services is considered to be the location of the Contractor (Ukraine, Kyiv, Khoriva St., building 3-A). By agreement of the Parties, the Services may be provided at the Patient's location.

Services are provided during the Contractor's working hours.



1. The patient has the right to:

1.1. Get the Contractor's Services of the appropriate quality.
1.2. To receive reliable and complete information about the Patient's state of health, including reviewing relevant medical documents related to his health, which are kept by the Contractor.
1.3. To receive reliable and complete information about contraindications, possible complications and risks (including for life and health), prognosis of the possible development of the disease when providing medical services to the Patient.
1.4. Demand replacement of the attending physician.
1.5. To have the right to secrecy about the Patient's state of health, the fact of seeking medical help, the diagnosis, as well as information obtained during his medical examination.

2. The patient undertakes:

2.1. Provide complete and reliable information and documents necessary for the identification of the Patient, including filling out the Questionnaire.
2.2. Strictly adhere to oral or written prescriptions and recommendations of doctors and other specialists of the Contractor.
2.3. Provide originals or copies of documents containing information about the Patient's health, which are necessary for the Contractor to provide him with medical services.
2.4. To pay the cost of the Services in the manner and under the conditions specified in this Agreement.
2.5. Before starting the provision of medical services, notify the Contractor of the entire list of medicines used by the Patient, as well as all known diseases, defects, allergic or specific reactions to medicines and food products, and other relevant information about the Patient's state of health.
2.6. In case of violation or impossibility of compliance by the Patient with the treatment plan, notify the Executor.
2.7. Notify the Contractor about the improvement or deterioration of the Patient's well-being, the appearance or disappearance of symptoms and other information about changes in the Patient's health during the period of treatment.
2.8. Immediately notify the Contractor about all reactions of the body, the appearance of any symptoms and other changes in the body after the provision of the Service.
2.9. Receive the ordered and/or paid Services at the time and place agreed with the Contractor. If the time and place of receiving the Service is not agreed upon by the Parties, the Services are received at the time determined by the Contractor and at the location of the Contractor. In any case, the Patient must apply for the Service to the Contractor within three months from the moment of its order or payment (calculated from the event that occurs first).
2.10. To compensate the Contractor for the cost of medicines, preparations, and consumables that were purchased in advance for the provision of Services to the Patient in the event of not appearing last for the Services and on the condition that their storage period has expired, and the Contractor did not have the opportunity to use them for the provision of Services to other patients or the Patient has not given consent.

3. The executor has the right to:

3.1. Engage third parties to provide Services who have the necessary qualifications.
3.2. In case of lateness of the Patient, unilaterally change the term of provision of Services, or cancel the provision of such Services.
3.3. Check the information provided by the Patient/Representative, as well as the Patient's fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement.
3.4. Suspend the provision of Services to the Patient for the period of verification of the Patient's/Representative's fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement, in the event of reasonable doubts as to the proper fulfillment or violation by the Patient/Representative of the terms of this Agreement.
3.5. Refuse to provide Services to the Patient and terminate this Agreement.
3.6. Require the Patient to comply with the terms of this Agreement.
3.7. Conduct promotions, provide discounts, implement loyalty programs, special bonus programs, etc. in accordance with the procedure provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. 3.3.8. Refuse the Patient to provide the service without returning the funds paid under this Agreement, and use the medicines, drugs, consumables and other materials purchased for the provision of the Services at their own discretion, if the Patient has not applied for the service to the Contractor within the terms established in clause 2.9. of this Agreement and provided that the Parties do not agree otherwise in writing.

4. The executor undertakes to:

4.1. Provide the Patient with the opportunity to receive Services of appropriate quality in accordance with this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.
4.2. Provide Services to the Patient taking into account the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data", principles of preservation and non-disclosure of medical and/or confidential information.
4.3. Provide the Patient representative with the opportunity to receive information on the provision of Services and Promotional offers.
4.4. To consider the written proposals of the Patient regarding the improvement and quality of the provision of Services.

5. Contract price and payment procedure

1. The price of this Agreement is determined as the sum of the Services provided to the Patient by the Contractor and accepted by him. The price of the Contract can also be determined as the amount of Services ordered in advance by the Patient.
2. The cost of each Service is determined in accordance with the List of Services on the date of provision of such Service to the Patient.
3. Payment for the provided Services is made by the Patient/Representative after the Service is provided on the same day. By agreement, the Parties may pay for the Services before they are provided.
4. The Patient/Representative is obliged to pay for the services by making a cash or non-cash payment at the Contractor's cash desk or by making an online payment.

6. The procedure for providing and accepting and transferring services

1. Services are provided by medical workers and specialists of the Contractor who have appropriate special education and meet the uniform qualification requirements in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
2. Before starting the provision of medical services, the attending physician informs the Patient/Representative of the list, composition, and cost of all medical services that the attending physician considers appropriate to provide to the Patient, and verbally agrees with the Patient on the list and cost of all medical services that will be provided by the Executor to the Patient under appointment of this attending physician.
3. Services are provided by prior appointment, which is made over the phone. Provision of Services without a prior appointment is possible only in cases where there is no prior appointment for other Patients at that time. The date and time of each Service is agreed between the Contractor and the Patient/Representative orally.
4. Acceptance and transfer of the provided Services is carried out by drawing up an Invoice-deed (hereinafter - the Invoice-deed), which is drawn up by the Contractor in two copies and given to the Patient for signature.
5. The patient is obliged to sign both copies of the Invoice-Act or provide a written, motivated refusal to sign it.
6. If the Patient/Representative has not provided a written, motivated refusal to sign the Invoice-Act, the Service is deemed to have been properly provided by the Contractor and duly accepted by the Patient/Representative.
7. If there is a written, motivated refusal to sign the Invoice-Act, the Contractor shall review such refusal within 14 (fourteen) calendar days and notify the Patient in writing of the results of the review.

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