Treatment of joints

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Treatment of joints
Stem Cells

Treatment of joints

Degenerative diseases of the joints (Osteoarthrosis) - the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system, manifested by degenerative changes in the joints. The disease occurs equally often among men and women. Occurs idiopathically (without a clear cause) or as a result of previously received injuries, disorders of metabolic processes in the body, systemic inflammation.

Consequences of osteoarthritis:

  • severe pains in large and small joints
  • limited physical activity
  • disability

Among the existing ways of restoring the joint's own tissues, only the intra-articular and systemic administration of stem cells has a long-term effect.

Complex treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells helps:

  • reduction of pain syndrome
  • regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue
  • increasing the elasticity of ligaments
  • increase in motor and functional activity of the affected joint

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