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One pressotherapy session replaces 10 manual massage sessions. did you know Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) is one of the new techniques of hardware cosmetology. Pressotherapy is recognized as the best natural stimulator of lymph movement in the human body, which is of the greatest importance in the work of the immune system.

Our lymphatic system is the main part of the immune system, which has three interrelated functions:

  • Removal of excess fluid from body tissues;
  • absorption of fatty acids and removal of fats from the body;
  • production of immune cells.

Most often, the course of lymphatic drainage is about 10-15 sessions, after which the patient receives impressive results:

  • disappearance of edema;
  • removal of fat deposits;
  • disappearance of cellulite;
  • relief of muscle spasms;
  • improving the process of metabolism;
  • improvement of skin elasticity;
  • increasing immunity;
  • getting rid of chronic fatigue;
  • slowing down of aging processes;
  • increasing the tone of vessel walls.

The lymphatic system works with white blood cells in the lymph nodes to protect the body from the spread of cancer cells, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

The duration of the session is on average 10-15 minutes, with a course of 5-7 procedures.

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