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Day hospital

Day hospital is a medical unit of the center, where qualified medical care is provided to patients who do not need surgical intervention, but it is necessary to carry out outpatient procedures and manipulations. We provide a stay at a day hospital and after short-term observation the patient returns home.
an individual approach to each patient and comfortable conditions of stay - we guarantee you

All hospital wards at I.D.Clinic are equipped with:

  • multifunctional bed with a button to call medical personnel
  • television;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • toilet;
  • shower cabin.

Chambers are divided into categories

  • ViP chamber;
  • single chamber;
  • double chamber.

List of manipulations carried out in the day hospital

  • Venous blood sampling for biochemical analyses, bacteriological and virological examination;
  • subcutaneous injections;
  • intramuscular injections;
  • intravenous infusions;
  • intravenous drip infusions;
  • conducting tests for the presence of allergic reactions to antibiotics.

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    • single;
    • double;
    • VIP.


    • multifunctional beds;
    • TV;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • toilet;
    • shower cabin;
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