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Freezing sperm
Treatment of infertility

Freezing sperm

Sperm freezing and storage is a procedure in which sperm cells are frozen in order to preserve them for further use in the future in good quality.
Sperm is frozen by the method of instant freezing - vitrification, which allows preserving the natural structure of sperm.
There are many situations that can hinder your ability to become a parent. Indications for sperm freezing:

  • chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • some types of operations on the pelvis or testicles;
  • vasectomy;
  • high-risk professions or sports;
  • diabetes, which can cause erectile difficulties.
  • when the man cannot be present on the day of assisted reproductive treatment.

Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and sperm freezing is insurance against the listed problems.

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