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The great German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche often repeated that beauty is a promise of happiness! ID Clinic specialists consider the philosopher's words as one of their main mottos: by reincarnating their patients, making them younger and more beautiful, doctors give them not only a new appearance, they give people a sense of happiness, freedom, harmony with themselves. 

Advanced cosmetology and pharmaceutical laboratories are intensively working on the creation of new methods and drugs that could effectively fight aging and skin laxity.

Modern medical cosmetology preserves the youth, beauty and health of your skin, fights with defects: scars, skin pigmentation, acne and its consequences.

Medical cosmetology helps to improve the condition of the skin. It provides proper care taking into account the individual characteristics of each person, or rehabilitates the skin after the effects of chemicals, lasers, photodamage.

In addition, medical cosmetology helps correct age-related skin changes: get rid of wrinkles, restore skin tone. With proper care, the health of hair and nails is restored, and it also prevents skin aging.

You should not chase after the low cost of beauty injections, in this matter the main  criterion should be high quality! 

Professional cosmetology care is a prerequisite for preserving youth and beauty. These are delicate procedures that will restore the skin's purity, tone, elasticity and even, delicate color, and saturate it with nutrients. 

The main areas of cosmetic care are:

  • care for the skin of the face and body (includes cleansing, solutions for problems such as acne,   black and white dots, seasonal protection);
  • anti-aging procedures - smooth out wrinkles, rid the skin of pigment spots, laxity and fatigue;
  • lifting care - will restore a healthy glow, elasticity and smoothness to the skin, eliminate swelling and fine wrinkles.

The choice of a specific method depends primarily on the age of the patient. Yes, young, sensitive skin usually needs gentle cleansing and anti-inflammatory treatments. Patients after 25 years, as a rule, need a lifting effect, equalization of skin color, its nutrition and revitalization.

However, these are only the most general rules.

In our center, cosmetology programs are selected strictly individually, depending on the personal characteristics of the patient and his wishes.

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All peels are divided into chemical and physical based on the method of impact on the skin. During chemical peels, a cosmetologist or doctor affects the skin with various acids. Moreover, depending on the acid concentration, peeling can be superficial, middle and deep. That is, the stronger the acid, the larger the layer of skin it "burns". But physical procedures affect the skin with the help of a laser and a mechanical device.

Chemical peeling is a procedure of applying preparations based on various acids to the skin. Their action is aimed at exfoliating the cells of the surface layer of the skin at different depths and depends on the strength and type of substance. Purification of the sebaceous glands takes place, and due to surface damage, active regeneration and stimulation of skin cells occurs, which ultimately leads to the active production of collagen and elastin. Peeling is used to rejuvenate the skin, give it elasticity, firmness and a healthy color . Also, this procedure is prescribed for the removal of such cosmetic defects as pigment spots of various etiologies, scars, scars and the consequences of acne. Peeling perfectly copes with problem skin prone to oiliness, it is prescribed for the purpose of preventing wrinkles and other age-related changes, premature signs of aging. Different types of acids are used for chemical peeling. The principle of action: any acid essentially causes a superficial burn to the skin, however, such damage is "for the good": the necessary processes of recovery and formation of a new skin are activated. The depth of the effect of peeling depends on what kind of acid it will be used for, as well as its concentration.

Advantages of chemical peeling
Such a cosmetic procedure as chemical peeling has many advantages. Due to exfoliation, hyperkeratosis decreases, as well as the number of keratinized dead cells, new ones, on the contrary, begin to be produced more intensively. Cells that synthesize elastin and collagen fibers are significantly activated. Cellular metabolism increases, and skin turgor and texture improve.

Price (UAH)

Cosmetology (price in UAH)

ultrasonic + mechanical

ultrasonic and mechanical + peeling

ultrasonic + mechanical

Facial (price in UAH)

facial cleansing + IPL treatment

with massage

Facial massage/mask according to skin type (price in UAH)
Peeling (price in UAH)
Hardware cosmetology (price in UAH)
Face area (price in UAH)




Hand zone (price in UAH)

Leg area (price in UAH)

Back and stomach area (price in UAH)
Intimate zone (price in UAH)
Photoremoval of pigmentation (price in UAH)

forehead, cheeks, upper lip, nose




"Butterfly" grid photo removal (price in UAH)


Photo rejuvenation (price in UAH)

forehead, cheeks, upper lip, nose





Acne phototherapy (price in UAH)

forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, under the chin

RF face (price in UAH)

forehead area, eye area, cheekbones, cheeks, chin


1 zone350

forehead area, eye area, cheekbones, cheeks, chin

RF body (price in UAH)

top and bottom


hands, scapular area, stomach, sides


the inner part of the shoulder, bones




Beauty injections, botulinum therapy (price in UAH)
Botox (1 zone)1200-2500

Muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin type A

Muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin type A

Muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin type A

Muscle relaxant, botulinum toxin type A

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