Ovarian rejuvenation

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Ovarian rejuvenation
Stem Cells

Ovarian rejuvenation

PRP therapy of the ovaries - introduction into the ovary of one's own blood plasma, enriched with platelets, growth factors, stem cells, and hormones. This procedure stimulates the development of new blood vessels, increases ovarian trophism, strengthens regenerative and proliferative processes, and ultimately, the ovaries "wake up".

PRP therapy is indicated for:

  • women in menopause or premenopause under the age of 50,
  • infertile women older than 35 who have a low ovarian reserve,
  • women under 35 years old with premature ovarian failure.

This is an option for patients with a significant decrease in ovarian reserve, who are categorically against donor programs in the treatment of infertility.

Before the procedure, a consultation with a gynecologist is required to assess the indications and contraindications for PRP ovarian therapy.

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