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The whole truth about the photoepilation procedure
Photoepilation is a highly effective method of hair removal that allows you to preserve the result for a long time. Although the photoepilation procedure is young, it is quite popular today. The effectiveness of the method is determined by its action, it is absolutely safe, although it has some disadvantages.

Principle of action of photoepilation
The procedure is carried out using a special device that emits light energy. The hair pigment melanin absorbs flashes of broadband light, as a result of which the hair follicle heats up to 70-80 ° C, and is completely destroyed. This process is accompanied by blockage of the small vessels that feed the follicle, so the removed hair no longer grows.

Choosing a specialist to carry out the procedure is of particular importance, because if the boundaries for removal are incorrectly placed, the hair follicle will only be damaged, which means that its growth will resume after time.

Features of photoepilation
Often, the photoepilation procedure is compared to laser removal of unwanted hair, because light energy is used to destroy hair follicles in both cases. However, photoepilation has its distinctive features:

  • Removal of hairs from 1-2 mm in length (laser epilation removes hairs from 3-4 mm);
  • shortness of execution of the procedure (wideband nozzles are used);
  • the photoepilation procedure does not require an obvious contrast between skin and hair;
  • complicated risks are reduced to a minimum.

Important! One-time execution does not bring the expected result, since part of the hair is always in a "sleeping" state. Therefore, repeated procedures are required.

Several types of equipment are used to perform the procedure, which differ in their parameters and characteristics, which also affects the quality of the procedure.

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Advantages of the procedure

  • Painlessness of the procedure;
  • absence of direct contact of equipment elements with skin;
  • possibility of photoepilation on any part of the body;
  • guaranteed absence of ingrown hairs after the procedure;
  • the result of photoepilation is visible almost immediately;
  • allergic reactions occur in isolated cases;
  • photoepilation has a beneficial effect on the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and eliminates wrinkles;
  • short period of rehabilitation.

Disadvantages of photoepilation
Despite a wide range of advantages, the modern photoepilation procedure has some disadvantages:

  • Presence of contraindications;
  • Only dark hair is removed with the help of photoepilation, because light hair does not contain the pigment melanin;
  • Necessity of course implementation of procedures (5-8 sessions).

Important! It is not possible to perform photoepilation in places where there are papillomas, birthmarks and other formations. With strong light exposure, there is a risk of their degeneration into malignant pathology.

The photoepilation procedure has practically no side effects. Burns may occur, but only if the procedure is performed by an unqualified cosmetologist.

Moisturizers and, of course, the choice of a medical center that provides high-quality professional service using modern, improved equipment will help to avoid unpleasant symptoms after photoepilation.

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