Freezing oocytes

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Freezing oocytes
Treatment of infertility

Freezing oocytes

Today, a married couple can choose when to become parents thanks to the possibility of delayed parenthood.
This is a technology of assisted reproductive medicine that allows you to cryopreserve (freeze) eggs (oocytes), sperm or embryos in order to use them in the future as part of in vitro fertilization programs and become parents.
There is an alternative for women who do not want to choose between a career and the desire to become a mother! This is vitrification of oocytes.

Cryopreservation of eggs (oocytes)

Cryopreservation of eggs is a modern medical procedure that consists in preserving fertility by freezing eggs. Thus, the eggs are stored in the best conditions and remain always young, so that the woman can decide for herself when to become a mother.
The basis of the vitrification method is an ultra-fast cooling technology, as a result of which it is possible to avoid the formation of ice crystals that damage the cell.

Who is oocyte cryopreservation indicated for? Patients with a high risk of loss of ovarian function, namely:

  • if the woman is to undergo treatment using radiation or chemotherapy (oncology);
  • patients who need interventions that may negatively affect the ovarian reserve (for example, resection of the ovaries);
  • if some of the eggs obtained during DRT will be used in another cycle of in vitro fertilization;
  • if in the DRT program specialists cannot obtain sperm on the day of the puncture;
  • in the absence of medical indications or "social indications": when women want to delay pregnancy for various reasons, including due to economic or work-related circumstances.

In the future, the fate of the frozen embryos is determined by the biological parents. They can take them for another attempt at artificial insemination, give an order for disposal, or give consent to use them in an embryo donation (donation) program for other infertile couples.

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